Juliette Pearce uses oil paint to reflect upon places  that she has visited; places that, though seemingly lifeless, have got as much to do with life as life itself. Based on photographs, these paintings bring forth an outlandish realness which instantly draws the viewer into the scene. Pearce's work creates contrasts on various different levels. The chosen perspectives turn the visitor from a 'viewer' into a 'voyeur', observing a scene which bizarrely depicts no living being to be observed. Built by humans for humans, these places create an atmosphere that goes way beyond desertion. Though Pearce mostly applies bold, sometimes even acidic colours to her paintings, these do not as expected turn the paintings into lively reproductions of the original photographs. If anything, these eye-catching colours genuinely increase the contrast between lively and lifeless, involvement and exclusion, absence and presence. Pearce’s paintings and her use of colour are a perfect example of how colours can communicate an idea or atmosphere which in its original form would not be connected to them.

Laura Voss Courtesy of ArtEco gallery


Court Oil on canvas 74.8 x 74.8 in. (190 x 190 cm) JPE0001

Oil on canvas
74.8 x 74.8 in. (190 x 190 cm)