Ky Anderson Solo Exhibition

​Exhibition of recent work by artist Ky Anderson at The Art Cabin gallery.



13 December 2012 - 6 January 2013

The Art Cabin Gallery is delighted to show a collection of abstract paintings by American artist Ky Anderson. This will be the first time her work has been shown in the UK.

Using oil on canvas (and acrylic on paper) Ky creates paintings to explore abstraction within the landscape. She is concerned with how objects obscure and distort our perception of reality. Densely layered with lines, shapes and thin washes of colour, her work depicts a translucent un-natural world, allowing you to see through, past and beyond everything. Her compositions become optically challenging: - through a transparent web of layers and between small openings towards a distant vanishing point, she creates a sense of infinity. Endless perspectives leave the viewer lost amongst her fractured and distorted worlds. Ky sources much of her imagery from dreams and that is possibly why we feel an uneasiness when looking at her work. Vivid blues are used to outline towering peaks and jet black silhouettes linger intrusively. Her choices of colour make her figures appear almost surreal.

By exploring the boundaries between abstraction and figuration, Ky is creating her own language of symbols and at the same time redefining the genre of landscape painting.