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Photos from Saatchi New Sensations and The Future Can Wait at Victoria House. We have two artists showing work Marlene Steyn and Virgile Ittah.



Private view of Home-Made Disaster a solo show by artist Jaeyeon Yoo.

Marlene Steyn - Saatchi New Sensations 2014

Marlene Steyn has been shortlisted for the Saatchi New Sensations 2014.

New Sensations was launched seven years ago to support the most imaginative and talented young artists in the UK and to present their work to an international audience during Frieze Week.

The Prize is now established in the UK as the most important annual prize for emerging artists, and it showcases each year the best graduates studying at UK and Republic of Ireland art schools.

The New Sensations 2014 exhibition will take place in October 2014 at B1, Victoria House, Bloomsbury, London WC1, in a 22,000 sq ft venue exclusively represented by Location House. The opening party (invitation only) will be from 6.30-9pm on 13 October, and the exhibition will open every day from 14-18 October, 11am to 6pm.


Marlene Steyn - How Cannibals Cuddle - Private View

Private view of How Cannibals Cuddle a solo show by artist Marlene Steyn.

Andrew Bruce - Illuminating Silence - Private View

Private view of Illuminating Silence a solo show by artist Andrew Bruce.

Henrietta Simson - Scenario - Private View

Private view of Scenario a solo show by artist Henrietta Simson.

Juliette Pearce - Interview

Petra Power: The concept of place seems to be very significant in your work. What is the significance of documenting places through photography and then re-contextualising them through painting?

Juliette Pearce: The most important thing to me is that I visit these spaces and the most incredible frustration is that our eye-sight is not wide enough to capture it all. They almost feel quite cut-off, so putting collages and photos together gives me the opportunity to see a wider angle. When you go somewhere you don’t experience the world from one point of view, you look at one angle then go to the next and that is how you experience a place. So to photograph, it allows me to combine these spaces altogether within an image.


Rebecca Byrne, Soo Eun Baik and George Little - Private View

Photos from the private view of group show featuring work by Rebecca Byrne, Soo Eun Baik and George Little (click on thumbnail for full size). Photos by Zita Gyurokovics